Drink More Water!

February 5, 2013 by Anna M. Clausen in Health
Holistic health guru Paul Chek claims, “The solution to pollution is dilution.” Simply stated, we all could benefit from drinking a little more water each day. The fluid that we naturally lose throughout the course of the day needs to be replaced in order for our bodies to function most efficiently. Whenever it’s not properly replaced, our immune system can be compromised, leaving us more susceptible to disease and illness. Considering the many cold and flu viruses that circulate through the institution each year, it’s good to know what else we can do, in addition to washing your hands, to ward off sickness. Something as simple as drinking more water can keep us a little happier, healthier, and fit throughout the long winter months. Try it for thirty days and see how you feel. Look in next month’s newsletter for another Fit Tip that might improve the quality of your life at McKean and beyond!
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