A Global Solution

March 2, 2013 by Anna M. Clausen in Population
As sentient beings, it is our responsibility to look after our families, each other, and our environment. A large part of being a grown, mature person is showing respect to all people, regardless of age, race, or sex. The one way for a person, or we as a human race, to accomplish this is to be open minded and tolerant of others beliefs, religions, or lack thereof. We need to recognize that, as long as no one harms another, all people have a right to live and believe how they wish. We need to be accepting of each other’s differences, whether it is in dress, speech, beliefs, or lifestyle. We need to be respectful of each other’s privacy and personal space. After we, as a people, have matured enough to accept each other for what and who they are, then we can know true peace and prosperity. For there, homelessness, hunger, and most diseases can become a thing of the past.
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