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April 29, 2013 by Anna M. Clausen in Tech Watch
Interlinx is a great new service that can help you stay better connected to your attorneys and loved ones on the outside. It is not a third party call service and they don’t provide access to other inmate accounts. It is no different than someone on the outside sending a text message or email to someone else on the outside on behalf of an inmate. It does not forward calls to other outside persons or connect outsiders to the inmate on a three-way call. All calls and messages are monitored over the institution’s phone system. The service is faster than Corrlinks, but it is not intended to replace it. The service provides inmates with the ability to SEND voice messages and text messages within minutes or seconds when they need to get out an urgent message. Similarly, outside supports have the ability to leave a quick voice message, or send a text message to an inmate while they are out and about and not able to log into Corrlinks. The inmate-to-outside messages are at their destination within moments, and sometimes that his crucial. In addition, you can send the text directly to a cell phone and the person outside does not have to log into any system to retrieve the message. Inmates can also save voice messages, like a child’s first words, or the voice of a friend or loved one saying something inspiring to you. The Interlinx messaging service is very transparent and not a threat to the BOP. There are many uses for the messaging service, and outsiders appreciate it because they can listen to an inmate’s voice message over and over again when they miss hearing his/her voice.. Your friends or family can call for more information at 1-888-661-8839.
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