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Personal e-Readers for Inmates

May 20, 2013 by Anna M. Clausen in Talk It Up

The first generation “Kindle” e-readers hit the market way back in 2007. Since then prices for all types of similar devices have dropped dramatically and they’ve become widely available. Last year around this time, there was talk about a special order e-reader that would allow for text downloads in the same manner music downloads are currently offered thru the Corrlinks data storage and download system. However, no further mention has been made of such a device since then.

Personal e-readers would allow federal inmates access to daily/monthly publications at greatly reduced rates due to the digital format while improving institutional safety (less flammable materials). Newspapers, magazines, novels and textbooks could be condensed into one tiny device that occupies little space and has minimal weight for storage and travel purposes. The purchases of prison libraries would finally be accessible to the entire population instead of being pilfered from the shelves or simply not ordered in the first place. Just imagine the potential for improvement in GED examination scores once each student has his own copy of a GED Workbook to practice and study for the test. The benefits are numerous, so what’s the delay?

Anything that has to do with the phones or emails goes thru the ITS Supervisor who is also the head of the institution commissary. This is the individual that needs to be addressed when inquiring about a tentative release date for the new e-reader devices. It’s time for everyone to “Talk It Up” and then deliver those inquiries to the ITS Supervisor. The more inquiries that are generated by more institutions the greater the likelihood of a date being set. Do your part to “Talk It Up” this month and be sure to write in with your findings so we can share them with everyone. Good Luck…

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