G.E.D. and Beyond!

May 20, 2013 by Anna M. Clausen in Education
“The way America is moving, just G.E.D,’s are not acceptable.” ~
President Barack Obama

Those are words from America’s President concerning the future of our country and the necessity of having a good education. Here at McKean, we have multiple classes, programs, tutors, and extra-curricular tutoring for those who want to further their education. The very first step to furthering your education is WANTING TO DO IT!

You must have the fortitude to step up to the plate and the courage to overcome the challenges of learning. Nothing worth having is easy to achieve. Too often, students stop pursuing their education when things become difficult. When unable to overcome this obstacle, students fall into desolation. Did you know, how to learn is “to gain knowledge or understanding of?” Therefore, if you quit without giving yourself the opportunity to learn and/or understand, you’re actually accomplishing nothing.

The keys to stopping recidivism (returning to prison) begin with having an education, a change of your thought process, and having a plan to implement. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Going home without a G.E.D. will inhibit you from securing gainful employment. Failing to earn your G.E.D. or high school diploma leads to a 93% chance of returning to prison.

Pay Scale per Year Pursuant to Education
Without Diploma/G.E.D. = $14,000 – $19,000
With a Diploma/G.E.D. = $19,000 – $26,000
Associate Degree = $30,000 – $32,000
Bachelor Degree = $50,000 and up

Please understand the severity of not furthering your education. It’s a necessity if you plan to go home and stay home. Securing gainful employment becomes easier when you have a diploma or G.E.D. The time for excuses is done, and the time for PROGRESSION is now. Move forward with “Motivation, Dedication, Determination, Persistence and Patience.”

By Jamaar Blakey

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