Never Limit Yourself

June 10, 2013 by Anna M. Clausen in Letters

Life is a journey of experiences. One may never know where it is leading him. Often we may not understand a purpose in the challenge of circumstances that fall upon us. The best remedy is trusting the Creator, patience, optimism, belief in one’s self, and determination to make the best out of the time during any situation. For the one who holds tight to this key, ultimately in the end, the results are best for him. For verily, after every hardship comes ease.

Being incarcerated is an unfortunate and unwanted walk of life. Nevertheless, it still remains a portion of our life that we are blessed to live. It is good to be grateful for life itself, and make the best of it for ourselves, and for those in our lives who our presence affects. Prison does not change this; it is merely a temporary location in life that we are traveling through. We cannot allow ourselves to be at a standstill. Instead, we should use this time to continue equipping our-selves for the rest of life’s journey. (Even time in the hole is simply another part of the prison). For life is life; and who we are, as well as our ambitions in life, should never change simply due to a current environment we are in.

In closing, remember, “The worst thing that ever happens can be the best thing if you don’t let the worst of it get the best of you.” Yes, life is a journey of experiences. One may never know where it is leading you. Though a helpful question we might ask is: Why am I allowing my life to lead me, rather than leading my own life? Never limit yourself. Create tomorrow’s skyscrapers of success, by building your foundations today.

By Derick Barnes,
Allenwood FCI


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