Our mission is to share your narratives of truth, hope and inspiration with anyone who similarly aspires to have a positive impact on the federal criminal justice system. We will always strive to provide you with the very latest and most accurate information concerning any reentry initiatives we hear are taking place at federal prisons, half way houses, and supervised release centers all across the country. It is our belief that the FBOPinmate Newsletter will help to bridge some of the communication gaps that currently exist at various points throughout the system. We are fully invested in the future of the federal justice system and in improving the lives of all those who are affected by it.
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FBOPinmatelogo_220x37 Our goal is to provide hope and inspiration to anyone who aspires to have a positive impact on the federal criminal justice system. By providing our readers with the most accurate and up to date information we will open the lines of communication between various points of the federal justice system to improve the lives of anyone affected by it.
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    wisdom-header Go to HelpRightAWrong and sign the petition to “STOP STACKING” 924(c) mandatory minimum sentences, and then make sure to get your friends and family members to do the same.
    Prison Wives Together
    strong-prison-wives-logo2Strong Prison Wives in a hub or empowered and encouraging women, where the wives, girlfriends and the partners of incarcerated men are the writers and readers.